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Why Buy From Us

Wall Aquariums

Articool Designer Works is a Factory Direct Distributor. We only select the highest quality, original products. Our aquariums are made from high quality frames, high strength tempered glass and modern silicone sealants.  Our tanks are Australian designed, for Australian walls, and the designs have passed stringent drop tests and other quality checks. This means that our tanks do not suffer from leakage and other problems. As a result we must require proof of purchase when dealing with tank problems as we cannot be responsible for aquariums bought from another supplier.

We are the only distributor that can provide customer service for every aspect from pre-sales advice, after sales purchase, installation and functional parts (filtration, lighting, backgrounds, brackets, heaters, air features etc.). We also have available an instructional DVD giving step by step instructions on installation, setup and maintenance.

For our customers we provide replacement parts at half of market price.

Sand Pictures

Exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for the European artist Klaus Bösch. From Articool you can always get the latest creations from Klaus. For the more advanced sand pictures, Klaus is the only artist in the world who can create pieces of the complexity, size and colour that we have on offer.

If you are interested in custom made sandpictures, we provide a consulting service that works directly with Klaus to give a unique, world exclusive sand art.