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Here are a selection of installed wall aquariums that demonstrate how a good installation can be done. If you would like your installation to be considered for our hall of fame, contact us at enquiry@articool.com.au.

Natalie, Melbourne


Hope these are ok Patricia.

Thanks for all your help.

Let me know if you want anything different from the photos.


Wall Aquarium

F1L Aluminium Brush










Yan, Castle Hill

The Articool product is a great idea! Well designed, modern, easy to maintain.








Paul, Melbourne

Paul has set up a marine tank in his Articool FXL. We don’t recommend you set up a marine tank unless you are as experienced as Paul is. It’s best to start with freshwater fish, either cold water or tropical, and then move on to sea water when you really know what you are doing.





Paul, Sydney

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for sending those beautiful photos to me!
This is amazing! and so quick, and you have just done everything perfectly!
Can I have your permision to put the photos on my web-site?

Thanks again and good luck to your business,



Hi Patricia,

Of course you can put the photos on your website. It really makes a statement. We love it!

Thanks once again for your wonderful customer service.

Kind regards

Paul Cicala

Exuberant Timber Flooring – Quality By Nature

AP-1800 Stainless Steel From: Paul
Looking along the tank











Ali, Sydney

FXL — Aluminium Brush

FXL-Aluminium Brush











David, Tamworth

FP1- Aluminium Brush

David: The aquarium looks great. I am very pleased with it. I will go and take a pic now as it will look different in the day time.




















Zac sent us a video to show his LED based lighting system

It cycles through different colours to bring a new twist on things.

Rakesh and Madhu, Victoria

Rakesh and Madhu have prepared their own page, as below:




Benjamin, Sydney

Hi Patricia and Patrick.

We’re very happy with the end result. Thank you.