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Sand Pictures


Sand Pictures – Produced by Klaus Bösch in Austria, exclusively available only through Articool Designer Works. These ever-flowing waves of different colour and texture will form and reform into an infinite variety of fractal systems.

Each sand picture comes complete with Authenticity Certificate, mounting system and the maintenance kit that will keep your piece in perfect condition for a lifetime.

How Do I Display the Sand Picture?

The bracket is designed to let you rotate your picture 360°. This lets you display the picture horizontally or vertically. The bracket will be sized to match your pictures, letting you mount them individually, or as a group.

How Do I Mount the Sand Picture?
Mounting your sand picture on the wall is very simple.

Each sand picture comes with a mounting kit as shown:

A Sand Picture fitting on to a wall mount

The mounting bracket comes with two screws for you to screw it to the wall.

Concrete Wall: If you have a concrete or brick wall, push plastic wall plugs into the holes and then screw the screws into the plugs. The plugs will expand and lock into the sides of the holes.

Plaster Board (Gyprock) Wall : If you have a plasterboard wall you will need to think about the weight. For small or medium sized sandpictures, you can use wall anchors or similar products available from any hardware store. However, for the large and extra-large pictures, we recommend you locate the wooden studs that are behind the plaster board. Then screw into this wood.

Picture Options
We have several options for the look of the sand picture as you can see from the photographs.

The pictures also come in 4 different sizes.

Small 22 x 33 x 2.5 cm $77
Medium 29 x 42 x 2.5 cm $109
Large 42 x 57 x 4 cm $299
Extra Large 54 x 74 x 2.5 cm $399

How To Buy

Simply select the size you want from the shopping cart menu. When finished, take the shopping cart to the checkout.

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Starting from: $77.00 CoronamovieFinal Price: $

incl. 10 % GST

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