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Maintainance » How is the tank maintained?

Maintenance of the fishtank is very straightforward and is the same as for any normal glass aquarium. Compared to a normal tank, our tanks are often much lower maintenance. This is because the smaller water volume and the excellent visibility means you only need a few fish. With much less fish there is much less waste to deal with, and so less work.

The tanks come with all the tools to make this easy.

  • Siphon to help change the water
  • Cleaner with a long handle to clean the glass
  • Filter to clean the water continuously during the day

If you are new to keeping fish, we recommend that you seek the advice of your local fish shop, who will be happy to explain how to care for the type of fish that you are buying. Specific features of our tanks are explained in the instruction booklet that comes with your tank.

To keep your Articool Aquarium clean, there are three simple stages:

1. Water Filtration: Your supplied water filter will keep the water clear. However you must keep the filter clean. Rinse the filter every 3 to 4 weeks or whenever the pump flow begins to drop.

2. Water Replacement: Use the supplied Siphon to drain out 25%-30% of the water in the tank every 3 weeks and replace it with aged water. You don’t need remove the fish from the tank at all.

Normal tap water has chlorine in it, which is bad for fish. Aged water is water that has been left standing in a container [bucket] for a week. This lets the chlorine escape into the air and makes the water safe.
Be very careful with filtered water, some filtered water is OK, other filters leave the water very unsuited for the fish. It is much better just to age some normal tap water.

3. Glass Cleaning: If you notice the glass becoming dirty, wipe it gently with the provided scrapper. Above are general guidelines, please ask your fish shop for details about your particular type of fish.
Another good way to help keep the glass clean is to get some catfish, bristlenose or snails. These will move about the tank eating any algae that will try to grow on the glass or rocks.

A big thanks to Mark who has set up his tank and wrote in with a summary of the helpful hints that he found most useful.