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Installation » Is it easy to install a wall aquarium?

We have full instructions in the package. When we arranged the kits my test was to get my husband to install them. If he can do it, I assure you that most people will have no problem. You can easily install it step by step. Most of our buyers install the tanks by themselves. If you are not confident with the large size wall aquariums, what we suggest is to hire a handyman to install it for you.

For Articool Premium Customers we will provide a DVD giving instructions on installation, setup and maintenance.


How Do I Install My Tank?

To install your Articool Wall Aquarium, there are 4 simple steps.

1. Install the brackets on the wall. The screws, wall plugs and concrete bolts are all supplied free with your tank.


2. You then sit the tank on the bracket.


3. The grey clips are used to join the top of the glass to the top of the metal bracket.

4. You then use the small screws (provided free with your tank) to screw the bracket to the base of the tank. The base has a wooden board running along it, so the screws will attach where ever the brackets line up.