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About Sand Pictures

Articool Designer Works are specialists in the area of relaxing home décor. Our Soothing, Relaxing, Calming Sand Pictures are created in the alpine town of Lustenau, Austria.

A sandpicture is an interactive device for creative sand playing. It is a delicate balance of water, air and three or more kind of sand with different densities, able to move freely. If the picture is turned around, sand begins to drop and builds fascinating 3D-effect landscapes appearing like dunes or mountains, looking different every time.

This device shows what on earth takes millions of years. You can study geology as well as gravity and floating currencies.

Our experienced team can help you select the product that is right for you.

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Klaus Bösch: The Sandman

In the early eighties I started seeking for ways to express my creativity. A short period I painted with pencil, water colour and oil, then playing guitar and singing. After one gig on stage a friend showed a sandpicture to me. It was so fascinating, I decided to adapt this. Self taught I discovered the basics and started searching deeper to refine the technique.  Back in 1986 a few companies around the world already marketed some sandpictures. I discovered those products and found them too poor in quality and variety.

Beside the art of blending extreme fine sand grains I learned to prepare and join wood, lacquering techniques, airbrush spraying and gilding. All this is necessary to work out those multiple Masterpieces of sand-art.

In 1988 I founded my own company for manufacturing and selling Rainbow Vision Sandpictures. Starting with simple small sizes, produced in commercial series, odd pieces joined the range and as a result of that, the first exhibition was the opening exhibition of an art gallery near Zurich, Switzerland.

Feeling that everything has to be improved first, I stepped back from art exhibitions and concentrated on the field of commercial made series, which allowed me to research a lot. In 2007 I set my new 10-years master plan determining me back onto the way of art and design. My latest works, reflecting live themes, working out bigger dimensions and using sandpicture in combination with light are the first results in the new ongoing direction.

My company, is based in Lustenau, Austria which is a small town at the Swiss border, just 15 km to Lake Constance (Bodensee) and only one hour from Zurich. The landscape is gorgeous, sitting in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and the open plain towards the lake on one side. It is a one hour’s ride to the world’s famous ski resorts Arlberg, St. Anton and Lech.

It is very nice, living and working on this part of earth.

The people employed in my studio are treated like family members and enjoying a nice atmosphere while working, even though it is a real hard handcraft job.

Holding one of our products in your hands you can feel the kind of magic grown out of that. The basic philosophy is: Using high grade materials, as far as possible delivered by local companies, to work out in a high quality standard and to improve when ever it is possible or necessary.