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About Aquariums

Articool Designer Works are specialists in the area of relaxing home décor.

Wall Aquariums

The spectacular wall mounted aquariums and related fish tanks that you see on the accompanying pages.

These wall aquariums are an original Australian design. Designed in Australia for Australian walls, the quality of design, manufacture and service have become well known by our customers. These are not simply imported overseas products.

After years of experience as a sole distributor, we have expanded our range to a full selection ranging from tiny mini-tanks through to wall sized panoramic displays.

Our experienced team can help you select the product that is right for you.

Free Standing Aquariums

In addition to the wall mounted aquariums, we also have a limited range of free standing tanks.

FJ2 model freestanding tank

These free standing fish tanks are a bit wider than the wall aquariums, so that they are stable. However they still have the looks and appearance of the Articool Aquariums, and come with the same range of accessories.





Mini Aquariums

These tanks are mini-tanks, intended for one fish, either a small goldfish or a Siamese fighting fish. The fighting fish, or Betta, in particular are very suited to such a tank, which is actually rather spacious compared to the small holes in rice paddies that are their natural habitat.

Typical Colours for a Fighting Fish

If you don’t know the fighting fish, they are a beautiful creature that is actually rather intelligent and makes a lovely pet.

These fish are originally from Thailand and Cambodia, they live in tiny, shallow ponds and have developed the ability to breathe both air and water.  Because they live in still water, their fins are not needed for much swimming, and so have developed into elaborate displays of colour. They are fairly hardy, living in water with a P.H. of 6.0 to 7.5, and with a temperature range of 23-27 degrees.



Don't put them together

The males are the most colourful, but are aggressive and will fight with other males.


Hence they are best off in a small, colourful tank by themselves.




We have a whole range of different tanks available.

They will fight